In 2017, the NGO "Ukrainian High Medical School" was established in Kyiv, the purpose of which is to reform medical education and science in Ukraine. The founders were well-known Ukrainian scientists and doctors: Professor Viktor Dosenko, Valery Zukin - general director of the reproductive medicine clinic "Nadiya", Gennady Kirzhner - medical director of the Clinic "Dokos Medical", Yuriy Zhigarev, Candidate of Medical Sciences, WHO Ukraine expert on Covid-19, and George Tsymidan. The NGO aims to create a comfortable educational space for the training of professionals in the field of medicine, opportunities for continuing education - from pre-medical to postgraduate, and continuous professional development. We combine the best traditions and new educational technologies, and we also support medical research. In 2018, our NGO received a grant from The Company of Biologists organization from Cambridge United Kingdom, and organized a conference "Single-cell RNABIO & organoids" on September 28, 2018 at UNIT City (Kyiv, Ukraine). In 2018, our NGO received a grant from The Company of Biologists organization from Cambridge United Kingdom, and organized a conference on "Single-cell RNABIO & organoids" on September 28, 2018 at UNIT City (Kyiv, Ukraine). The speakers of the conference were world-famous scientists: Alex Shcheglovitov (University of Utah, USA); Mirela Alistar, University of Colorado Boulder, USA; Valentine Svensson, California Institute of Technology, USA; Luciano Martelotto, The University of Melbourne, Australia; Hans Binder, University of Leipzig, Germany. More than a hundred specialists and students from all over Ukraine took part. The combination of efforts of the NGO and the Molecula Club educational project allowed to hold 126 open lectures, starting in 2017 and until 2020, for medical students of the best medical universities in such cities as Uzhhorod, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, Rubizhne.

In December 2019, as part of the continuous professional development of doctors, a course of lectures Pro Immunology (four 6-hour blocks) was held together with the medical network Dobrobut. Even though the lectures were held on a paid basis, the event was attended and watched online by about a hundred participants: doctors, interns and students.

Also in 2019, the NGO initiated the creation of an educational project Neuroscience. In which leading scientists and doctors of Ukraine gave 16 open lectures at the Institute O.O. Bogomolets, from October 3, 2019 to March 5, 2020. Which were wildly popular with medical students, biologists and just residents of Kyiv interested in brain science. Unfortunately, the lockdown did not allow to bring the project to a logical conclusion.

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly did not leave our NGO indifferent, and in 2020 a fundraiser was organized to purchase equipment for the infectious diseases department of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №4. As a result of the action, a modern electrocardiograph and heating equipment were purchased and transferred to the hospital's balance sheet.

In October 2020, the NGO won a grant from the World Health Organization to hold lectures and webinars as part of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020. We recorded five lectures from the best medical professionals, which highlighted the current problems of the spread of overuse of antibiotics, as well as the development of antibiotic resistance. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5uabn_b4P8azHZsGNSUirQ.

In 2021, the People's Readings named after Nikanor Adamovich Trzhasko-Hrzhonschevsky - an outstanding scientist and educator who worked in Kyiv in the late XIX early XX century. Leading medical scientists, as well as educators and culturologists of Kyiv gave popular science lectures on topical issues of medicine for all. The events took place in the building at 20 Bulvarno-Kudryavska Street, which belongs to the presidium of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. It was also planned to conduct an online broadcast and create a video about each event. During 2021, 6 such open free lectures were given, in which listeners in the audience and online will learn about the main causes of diseases and ways to reduce the risk of their occurrence. The duration of the event together with the answers to the questions and discussion is 3 hours (6 readings with a total duration of 18 hours). To implement this project, our NGO received irrevocable financial assistance.

In September 2021 (09.19.2021-09.24.2021) a scientific conference of scientific researchers was held in Lviv, where the latest research results in all branches of science were presented. The medical section, organized by our NGO, focused on cardiology, reproductive medicine and Covid-19.

NGO "Ukrainian High Medical School" is honored to invite you to participate in the implementation of these projects and we will be grateful for the support of our non-profit public organization.

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