Help for doctors!
Fundraising for the purchase of medical equipment for the infectious diseases department of Kiyv hospital №4

We report for every penny on the page of our charity project.
NGO Ukrainian High Medical school begins fundraising to purchase medical equipment for the infectious diseases department of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital 4 (in Somomyanka).
Currently, the department lacks oxygen concentrators and no electrocardiograph. It is for these devices that we want to raise funds and hand them over to doctors who save the lives of Kyiv residents every day.
The epidemic did not start yesterday, and the supply of our hospitals has hardly changed. It is unclear how much to expect support from the state, and people are dying every day. Public help is needed.
Devices of Ukrainian production - we consider it also important!
If you want to help - you can click the green "Donate" button and transfer any amount through the LiqPay service
In the "Amount" field, enter the desired amount (you can select the currency type in the box next to it). In the "Payment purpose" field, select "Help for Infectious Diseases Department"
Thank you for your sincerity and indifference!
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